08/12/13 The top reason for citizens being lodged in the Marshall County Jail in June was Operating While Intoxicated.  The next top reasons were Failure to Appear, Theft, Probation Violation and Marijuana.  The remaining reasons include number 6) Operator Never Licensed, 7) Driving While Suspended, 8) Dealing Cocaine or meth, 9) Public Intoxication and the 10) reason civil issues. 


There were 184 individuals booked into the Marshall County Jail in June.  Argos officers arrested 1 male and 1 female while Bourbon police arrested 2 males and Bremen Police arrested 4 males and 2 females.  Culver police arrested 4 males and 1 female while Indiana State Police officers arrested 4 males and 4 females. Plymouth Police booked 37 males and 24 females and Sheriff’s officers arrested 37 males and 24 females. 


County police officers investigated 72 traffic accidents, 59 property damage and 13 involved personal injury.  Officers took 121 case reports and wrote 120 citations.  646 civil process papers were received and 510 were served.