Eighteen high school student-athletes from across Indiana will begin the school year as members of the 2013-14 IHSAA Student Advisory Committee (SAC).

The SAC represents the entire IHSAA membership of 409 schools, and its structure reflects that of the IHSAA Board of Directors in terms of classification and districts as well as female, urban schools and minority representation.

Each year, the IHSAA receives nominations from school principals on behalf of student-athletes from IHSAA member schools. From that group of this year’s nominations, 23 were selected for interviews by members of the IHSAA Executive Committee, Executive Staff and returning members of the SAC. From those 23 interviews, nine juniors were invited to join the group of nine seniors serving their second year.

Among the returning seniors are Hayley Betz of Evansville Harrison and Nathan Criss of South Putnam High School who were elected as president and vice-president, respectively, by their peers for the school year.

Individuals who will serve as part of this year’s committee include:

2013-14 IHSAA Student Advisory Committee
Name Grade School
Hayley Betz (President) 12 Evansville Harrison High School
Joel Boser 11 Hamilton Heights High School
Amber Cowell 12 Culver Academy
Nathan Criss (Vice-President) 12 South Putnam High School
Jude Diagostino 11 Tri West Hendricks High School
Olivia Gettelfinger 11 Bloomington High School North
William Kelly 12 Lakeland High School
Christian Kreiger 11 Fort Wayne Canterbury High School
Olivia Mc Millan 11 Connersville High School
Jordan Meurer 11 North Knox High School
Michael Montgomery 11 Tindley Accelerated High School
Gracie Norton 11 Mooresville High School
Turner Perkins 12 Danville High School
Lexi Place 11 Bloomfield High School
Sara Slabaugh 12 Bremen High School
Ellen Smith 12 Plymouth High School
Kirsten Spangenberg 12 Boone Grove High School
Casey Yager 12 Rushville High School


The IHSAA began sponsoring the Student Advisory Committee in 2001-02 to give the group of student-athletes hands-on experience and a voice to the IHSAA staff.

The SAC meets four times annually – twice each semester – and is responsible for hosting meetings with student peers at the upcoming Fall Area Principals Meetings; assisting with the awards ceremonies at IHSAA state championship events throughout the school year, planning and administering the annual IHSAA Student Leadership Conference in June and; to engage in and support the activities of Special Olympics Indiana, a partnership announced last December.

Other SAC functions include the development of an IHSAA Captain’s Handbook which will be distributed to member schools this fall as well as assisting in the creation of multiple public service announcements addressing good sporting behavior which will be utilized during 2013-14 state championships events.