08/09/13 The new Plymouth High School Alumni Center was designed and installed to highlight the successes of PHS graduates over the years. The idea for the display came from Alumni Association President Dean Colvin. Colvin said, “I hope this will show the unique helping spirit of the entire community as well.” Colvin said the concept for the project is similar to a revolving display that he observed at a conference center, but believes it is a one of a kind for a high school.

Colvin said, “I wanted to get the display up before this year’s graduation and made the deadline by two days.” The permanent center is located in the hallway near the gymnasium and auditorium.

The display itself is a 24 foot long series of displays along with a flat-screen TV type monitor. The entire display was made possible by private donations from the community.

According to Plymouth Schools Superintendent Daniel Tyree, the 2013 graduation added some 250 more alumni to PHS.

Currently displays feature four multigenerational families that have businesses in Plymouth including: Oliver family of Oliver Ford,  Felke family of Felke Florist, Schlosser family of Plymouth Foundry, and the Colvin family of Arrow Services. Tyree said, “These displays illustrate that people who have good ideas, work hard, and are persistent can make a good business and a good living in Plymouth, IN.”

The Oliver Ford banner entitled “The Oliver Legacy” gives a brief history of the family with photos along with a message of how they feel it is a priority to serve the students of PHS.

The essence of four generations of the Felke family is captured with a series of pictures, yearbooks, awards, a PHS mug, and diplomas. All four generations are graduates of PHS. The display has a silk flower arrangement designed by them.

The Schlosser family display has metal moldings that represent the type of work done at their factory. They also have photos, but not just family members, but all of their employees who are PHS graduates.

The Colvin’s put together a large collage with the name Arrow Services, Inc. at the top. The photos tell the story of Arrow Services and additionally trace the family that has lived in Plymouth and graduated from PHS. Memorabilia from Plymouth also serves a reminder of the community of their involvement.

Dean Colvin said they used the family theme to launch the project and will be rotating themes three or four times a year. According to Colvin, themes for the future could be farming/agriculture; technology; professional services; scientific based businesses; and cultural offerings.

Each year, the Alumni Association chooses a distinguished graduate of PHS. All of the photos that had hung in the area denoting those chosen in the past have been scanned along with their biographies for the revolving screen display.  

Inquires or comments on the displays can be directed to Kelsey Flynn, director of communication for the Weidner School of Inquiry.

Colvin said he hopes the Alumni Center will be an inspiration for PHS students and emphasize the importance of a high school education. PHS Principal Jim Condon echoed that thought. Referring to the importance of the Alumni Center, Condon said, “There are two things we want our students to know. First, we want to leave a legacy of those who were for those who are at PHS.” He added, “We also want them to be constantly surrounded with the awareness that they can be successful if they have drive and the imitative to persevere.”

Carol Anders Correspondent