08/06/13 Members of the Plymouth Park Department approved a resolution during their meeting Monday evening to allow for two monitoring wells on park property.

EnviroForensics of Indianapolis is working with Price’s Village Valet Cleaners to monitor for possible contamination.  They were seeking permission to locate two wells on the grassy area near the Roadrunners Shelter.  The wells will not be above ground level and it was estimated that they could be there for 10 years or so.   

“There is no threat to the health or safety of the public in the park,” City Attorney Sean Surrisi said, “This is purely precautionary.”

It was noted that IDEM often subjects this type of business to this sort of scrutiny.  As the wells are being monitored that information will be forwarded to IDEM and at some point they will be the one to determine when the wells can be closed. 

Prices will be responsible for all costs including removal and closure of the wells. 

Mayor Mark Senter said, “These monitoring wells are more common than you think.”  He explained that the Board of Works has approved these types of wells for Whitley Products, the Bellmart BP Station, Subway and even down at Bowen Printing. 

The Park Board unanimously approved the resolution with EnviroForensics.