08/06/13 Members of the Marshall County Drainage Board convened for a special meeting Monday for consideration of the Logan Drain Reconstruction Project. 

Three bids were received during the July meeting, JD Excavating at $253,940; Thomas Excavating for $239,368 and low bidder Haskins Underground for $229,000.  The project was actually bid in four portions…the main ditch that the County Drainage Board will be responsible for using a special assessment, portion B which is under State Road 17 where the State of Indiana will fund, portion C which includes Hillcrest Avenue where the City of Plymouth will be responsible and portion D which is the extension to the drainage pond that C&T Construction built and never hooked up to a drainage source.   

During the special meeting it was note that Craig Schoof, President of C&T Construction has elected to construct portion D of the Logan Drain reconstruction project at his own expense.  That will reduce the low bid of Haskins Underground by $8,000. 

The Drainage Board accepted the agreement with C&T Construction to complete portion D of the project. They also approved the low bid of Haskins Underground for portions A, B, and C.  This project was certified as an urban drain project with property owners being charged $10 per lot, $11.50 for developed acreage, and $6.50 for undeveloped acreage. 

County Surveyor Larry Fisher said the original estimate for the amount to be assessed to property owners was $262,918.80.  The bid lowered the assessment amount to $203,180.50 which is a reduction of 22.72% from the original estimate.  Also added into the final cost is a 10% contingency that is required by state statue, engineering fees of $3,650 and the IDEM permit fee of $100 bringing the total to be certified for the project to $246,850.