08/01/13 Mark Neidig Jr. confirmed that ITAMCO has purchased the Plymouth Rock Golf Course.  He said, “At this point, we are not making any changes to the operations or course.”  Neidig explained that since it is mid season and they are new to the golf course business things will say about the same. He did say that they wanted to be more family friendly.  

One change that has been implemented is that the course will no longer hold an alcohol permit.  Neidig said that they are not opposed to people having a drink while they are golfing, but they would suggest people and organizations bring the beverage of their choice.  

Neidig indicated that some changes would take place in the spring of next year with improvements to the course and possibly the implementation of a kids golf program.  

A full-time course manager, Kurt Hanby has been hired to operate the golf course. Neidig said, “He is young but has lots of experience.”