07/31/13 The Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office has taken advantage of a new tool in the fight against methamphetamine.  A new provision of the Indiana Code, which became effective July 1, prohibits those convicted of various methamphetamine manufacturing offenses from possessing pseudoephedrine without a prescription.

Tuesday afternoon, Jamie Howell of Plymouth became the first person to be charged in Marshall County under the new law.  On July 25, Officer Derek Workman with the Plymouth Police Department performed a traffic stop on Mr. Howell’s vehicle, and a subsequent search revealed finished methamphetamine, pseudoephedrine pills, and marijuana.  Mr. Howell completed a prison sentence this past May for the Manufacture of Methamphetamine, and is therefore prohibited from possessing pseudoephedrine.  The Prosecutor’s Office also filed an allegation that Mr. Howell is a Habitual Substance Offender, increasing the potential penalty for the offense by eight years.

The Prosecutor’s Office reminds the reader that all criminal defendants are innocent unless and until proven guilty in court.