¬† 07/29/13 The Marshall County Plan Commission heard the new plan for the town of which was prepared “in house” by Marshall County Plan Director Ralph Booker and city officials from LaPaz. The plan is a response to the new U.S. 31 and the effect it will have on the town.

In a series of meetings problems and positives for LaPaz were examined. One main problem for the town as determined by the committee is the design of LaPaz is to be able to drive through it as quickly as possible. It is a design that the plan calls to change.

After the completion of the new US 31 would look at creating islands and boulevard type streets along the main route through town. Hoping such a layout would encourage drivers to slow down and see the town.

As the St. Joe Valley Metronet project continues to move forward, the new comprehensive plan for LaPaz calls for the town to take advantage of that capability to bring new industry to LaPaz.

Currently the infrastructure that will bring the fiber optics to Marshall County will move directly through the town.

Loraine Dove President of the LaPaz Town Council said that the town has begun talks with The Michiana Area Council of Governments (MACOG) and the Marshall County Commissioners on options – especially funding options for LaPaz – as the town begins to move forward with their comprehensive plan.

Some projects at the front of the line for the city involve the development of a town water supply. Currently any business or residence in the town must have its own well.

Annexation of certain areas very near to LaPaz and the development of a business corridor along U.S. 6 were also in the plan.

Dove said that the city will consider issues of connectivity throughout the town and convenient walkability from place to place within LaPaz. Sidewalks would be a large part of planning to improve that walkability.

The Plan Commission voted unanimously to give a favorable recommendation to the Marshall County Commissioners for approval of the LaPaz Comprehensive Plan.

Provided by Rusty Nixon