o7/23/13 On Wednesday, July17th Chase Anglemyer and the State submitted a plea agreement to Judge Robert O. Bowen of Marshall Superior Court No. 1.  During the hearing Mr. Anglemyer pleaded guilty to the charge of Attempted Murder.  The Judge took the plea and the plea agreement under advisement and set sentencing for August 15 at 9:00 a.m.


The plea agreement calls for a sentence of 30 years imprisonment in the Indiana Department of Corrections, with 5 years suspended, for a total of 25 years of incarceration.  The agreement further provides for 5 years of probation to be served after the period of incarceration.  All other counts are to be dismissed if the Judge accepts the agreement.


It is important to note that Judge Bowen has not yet accepted the plea agreement and has not sentenced the defendant.  Pursuant to ethical standards, the Marshall County Prosecutor’s Office has no further comment until the sentencing hearing, or immediately thereafter.


Anglemyer, 22 year old was arrested on January 30th of this year after a 9-1-1 call sent officers to Woodies Lane apartment for a domestic fight.  When officers arrived at the apartment they learned that Anglemyer had broken into a home and abducted his x-girlfriend from a residence on South Washington Street in Bremen earlier in the morning. He forced her to run with him using a knife and large screwdriver to the South Washington Street location.  As they ran it was alleged that he struck the female with the blunt end of the screwdriver on the head and face and threatened to kill her.   When Anglemyer got to the Washington Street apartment he strangled the victim with his hands and told the tenant that the girl had fallen and needed to use the bathroom.  Once inside he locked the door.  Police, responding to the 9-1-1 call, were able to subdue Mr. Anglemyer.  They located the victim in the bathroom with a cord wrapped around her neck and not breathing.  Once they removed the cord she began to breathe and gained consciousness.