05/24/13 Competition was keen last Friday at Argos High School as staff and students in grades 9-12 enjoyed a full afternoon of old fashioned games, relays and activities to score points for their class.  Students played water balloon dodge ball, tire roll, leap frog, wet sponge race, dizzy bat relay, animal noise tag, egg drop relay, inner tube race, balloon two-person relay, three legged race, tug of war and pyramid building.  Points were earned for 1st, 2nd , 3rd and 4th places.  Each class dressed in a team color and many added their own creative touches such as painted faces & hair, super star capes and colorful tights.

  The day began with a poignant message outlined by students linking arms on the soccer field for injured student Courtney DeMont which read Heart (9th graders)  U (10th graders) C (12th graders) D (11th graders).   The day ended with a nostalgic twist as each class competed by singing the school song showing as much spirit and creativity as possible.  In the final tally, the junior class collected the most points and captured the coveted trophy – a plastic swan filled with candy.

Attached is a sample of the fun that was shared:


  A.    The all school message to Courtney

  B.    The seniors dressed in black sharing their school song spirit

  C.    The juniors dressed in aqua blue enjoying a successful completion of leap frong

  D.    The sophomores dressed in orange working hard at animal noise tag

  E.     The freshman dressed in purple making a great human pyramid

  F.     Freshman Trenton Hall showing his talents at inner tube race

To view over 200 pictures of this great Argos tradition, go to the Argos website and click on Field Day.