01/08/13 Last week, members of the Plymouth Plan Commission ordered developer Del Wenzel of Wenzel Industries of Plymouth to provide an approved drainage plan for a proposed subdivision on State Road 17.

Mr. Wenzel attempted to develop the 10 acre site on the south side of State Road 17 and directly north of Dixon Lake about a year ago.  His original plan was for 14 lots but getting the drainage plan was never full approved due to the fact that some of the plan used a NIPSCO easement.

Mr. Wenzel said he was told that if he developed bigger lots a drainage plan wouldn’t be necessary in the 2-mile zone.  His proposed minor subdivision application is for four lots varying in size from just over an acre to 3 acres.  He also wants to keep the roadway private and have the property owners equally responsible for all maintenance with this in their deeds.

A few neighbors spoke during the public hearing. Pau Staples owns a home at the back of the subdivision.  He purchased the property in 2000 and built his home in 2008.  He and his wife are concerned on the road.  He said, “It’s basically a one lane driveway built to the court ordered minimum.”

Commission member Fred Webster asked if a fire truck would be able to get to their home.  Staples said when they had a garage sale the road was almost impassable.  He’s not sure if the fire truck would get turned around to get out.

Mark Snyder who has property to the east of the proposed subdivision questioned the drainage. He commented that the county is currently working on new drainage for Tall Oaks, Fairfield Farms, and Deer Trail.  Snyder wondered if this subdivision’s drainage would also be included in the new plan.  Del Wenzel said they plan to retain their storm-water on site.

A letter from John and Dina Bradley, neighbors to the west said they felt the request for the subdivision was unreasonable and not needed.  They also had concerns for increased children in the subdivision and the liability being near Dixon Lake.

Although the Plymouth Plan Commission is only required to approve the preliminary with the County Plan Commission approving the final and the County Surveyor approving the Drainage Plan, members of the City Plan Commission tabled the request for a drainage plan.