12/17/12 Plymouth and Indiana in general have escaped the wide spread flu outbreaks that neighboring states of Ohio and Kentucky are experiencing; but reportedly, flu-like symptoms have led to at least two sports events being canceled.

According to Plymouth High School Principal Jim Condon, a wrestling match scheduled for December 6 was postponed due to the illnesses of several players. He said that a few basketball payers had also experienced symptoms. On December Coach Ryan Bales notified area media that elementary school level basketball games were being canceled. Bales said, “Due to an extremely high number of coaches and players, and K-3 League Boys Basketball participants being sick, we are going to cancel our K-3 Boys Basketball League of Wednesday, December 12.” The games were rescheduled for December 15.

Plymouth Schools Superintendent, Daniel Tyree, said that on Thursday more than ten percent of students at PHS were sick, but had no plans to close school. Tyree said the percentages of absentees at the other schools in the system had five to five-and–a–half percent of the enrollment out.

According to the Marshall County Health Department nurse, Susan Lechlitner, schools notify them if the absences reach 20 percent of the enrollment. The Health Department staff would then need to determine if the absences were due to the same type of illness.

Carol Anders Correspondent