05/25/12 Triton School Corporation Superintendent Carl Hilling will be stepping down within the next few weeks. Hilling first came to the Triton Schools in July of 2008.

    Hilling previously served as superintendent in the Gaylord Community Schools, Gaylord, MI (January 2000-June 2006); Bridgman Public Schools (1996-2000);  Parma City School District, Parma, Oh (1989-1095); and Euclid City School District (1987-1989). He also held positions as principal and assistant principal in Hudson Junior High School and Northampton Township. He had many years of teaching and coaching in Akron, OH area.

His advanced education included: Education Specialist, Indiana State University( May 2010)Terre Haute, IN; Master of Education, Secondary Guidance, Secondary Administration University of Akron( June 1970) Akron, OH;  and Bachelor of Science in Education, Salem College, February 1964.

Hilling said, “It seems that my stay as the Triton School Corporation Superintendent went by in the blink of an eye. I have heard the saying that “time flies when you are having fun”. It’s been a good experience.”

He added, “ I really appreciate all the good people teaching and being connected with the district who have a good heart and care about kids. The district can thank their lucky stars that these kinds of people outnumber those who just consider teaching a “job”.”

Hilling shared his appreciation for the work of classrooms teachers and administrators saying, “It’s a humbling feeling to know that as a leader, of any school district, that you are a decisive part of the education of students. The classroom teacher possesses a daily or immediate impact on a student’s life.”

To his credit during his time at Triton, Hilling was able to develop a District Leadership Team, create a data/assessment position to better determine the needs of individual students, initiate plans to further improve the district’s technology needs, and oversee major improvements in heating/cooling systems for the Triton Jr.-Sir. High School Building. Additionally, his leadership led to plans to improve the athletic facilities by putting into place a new concession stand, restrooms, storage areas and press boxes at the football and baseball fields.

Hilling said, “Hopefully, as a superintendent I have left the district better by supporting the building administrators, staff, students and the community.”

“Obviously, after over 40 years in public education, I care about kids. I was certified to teach several subjects and did not care what I taught. It was all about being an example for kids and helping them develop their talents. Teaching is about kids. I realized a long time ago, that without the kids, there would be no teaching job.” Hilling said.

Hilling will be returning to his home that he shares with his wife in Gaylord, MI.

He said, “ I wish Triton’s new superintendent, Donna Burroughs, the best of luck in her new position and I am sure she will enjoy the Triton schools, staff, and the community.”

Carol Anders Correspondent