04/30/12 The annual Young Authors’ Conference, sponsored by the Marshall County Reading Council, was held in a different format this year.  Over a two-week period, guest author Tim Smith, AKA Buck Wilder, shared his love of the outdoors at EVERY elementary school in Marshall County as well as Lincoln Junior High.   Wilder, author of books about nature, wildlife, camping, fishing and outdoor life in general, spoke at each school about the importance of preserving natural habitats and the wonders to be found there.

He also spoke to students about writing and feeling free to use the eraser end of a pencil, because, as he told them,  “Everyone makes mistakes.”  Students read Buck’s books throughout the school year and wrote stories in preparation for his visit.  Winners of writing contests held in each school received a free autographed Buck Wilder book and a certificate.  Part of Wilder’s fee for talking with students at each school was a homemade pie.  He mentioned that he shared those pies with people he visited and that he was always welcome when he walked in the door with a homemade pie.

Shown with Wilder are Argos Elementary’s writing contest winners (left to right) Hallie DeWulf, Ted Redinger, Samantha Rose, Sydney Shepherd, Katie Sexton and Grace Nellans.