04/27/12 There was something exciting going on at Jefferson on Monday, in addition to it being Book Swap Day, the program where kids bring in books from home and trade with others, Jefferson Elementary was selected to be a World Book Night, 1 of only 20,000 worldwide sited invited to give away the books.

   Book Swap Day is one of the favorite annual events at Jefferson thanks to the many parents who help make it happen including Laura Baird, chairwoman, and PTO president Nicole Haskins.  During the Book Swap, students bring in gently used children’s books they no longer read and trade them with other Jefferson Jets using Book Bucks. This year’s “buck” has an outstanding drawing of our fearless leader, Principal Mills, on it. The program usually have enough books left over so every student can bring home one free book to read and own.

  In speaking about World Book Night, Jefferson Information Literacy Assistant, Amanda Petrucelli said, “As far as I know there are only two others in the area.”   The book they were giving 30 copies away was “The Poisonwood Bible” a novel by Barbara Kingsolver.   The book was nominated for a Pulitzer.   World Book Night is an annual celebration designed to spread a love of reading and books that is held in the U.S. as well as the U.K. and Ireland on April 23.

   Haskin said she was looking forward to reading her new book while nnother parent, Leesa Kolter said, “The only thing that makes a book better is a free book!”

  Photo: On the left Information Literacy Assistant Amanda Petrucelli and PTO President and Jefferson parent Nicole Haskins.