03/26/12 John Montgomery of the Coffee Lodge and Bakery arrives at Miller’s Senior Living Community to sell his delicious Fingerhut Bakery doughnuts and other savory items.  And, every Friday Miller’s residents and staff are anxiously awaiting his arrival.

John, who is a Plymouth resident, an IUSB student, and part owner of the Coffee Lodge and Bakery was recently nominated for “Man of the Year” from the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  Montgomery has been in remission for several years from the leukemia that showed up in his body when he was in eighth grade.

Because he understands what families of cancer patients are going through, Montgomery likes to “give back”.   Two years ago Montgomery and his family built a Hope House, in Plymouth, with the proceeds going to benefit Riley Hospital for Children.  Now, as a “Man of the Year” candidate Montgomery finds himself in another fundraising project. To win “Man of the Year” Montgomery must raise more money than the other three nominees.  Every dollar raised will count as one vote towards Man of the Year.  The money raised will go to assist families struggling with cancer.

To help Montgomery with his endeavor the Miller’s residents had a collection jar where money was donated.  The staff paid $1.00 to wear jeans for a day with the money going to LLS.  When Montgomery arrived on Friday morning March 23, staff and residents were gathered to present him with the collection for LLS.   Montgomery has until April 25th to raise the money. Whether he wins or not; in the hearts his of Miller’s friends he is already “Man of the Year”!

Picture Caption: Miller’s residents and staff surround John Montgomery as they present him with a donation for LLS.  L-r are Rita Nye, Montgomery, Annie Minker, Ashley Bruce, Mary Lou Stockman, Mae Mikesell, and LaVanch Yarian.