3/06/12 Hoosiers are known for their generosity and willingness to help in time of need and the need is great for our fellow Hoosiers in the south and southeast portions of the state that have been devastated by this past Friday’s string of tornados.

The Sellersburg State Police Post and other state police posts have received many calls from people asking how to donate time, resources of money to help those in need.  There are numerous legitimate ways to make cash donations, such as a number of media organizations that are holding telethons.  While the Indiana State Police does not endorse or recommend any particular organization we are providing the below contact sources to help reduce the number of inquiries to state police posts asking about giving donations or how to volunteer.  This will help keep our phone lines open for emergency calls.

United Way:  To make a cash donation or to volunteer as an individual or group, please call the United Way Volunteer Service at 812-287-0519 or visit them in person at 723 Spring Street, Jeffersonville, Indiana.  You may also click this link: http://www.metrounitedway.org/comm/Article.jsp?ArticleID=9 and click the appropriate tab to volunteer or donate cash.

Red Cross:  To make a cash donation or to volunteer with the American Red Cross, call 800-733-2767 or visit the office at 510 East Chestnut Street DR384, Louisville, KY 40210.  You may also click this link:  http://www.redcross.org/

Another comprehensive list of legitimate locations to make donations can be found at this Indiana Department of Homeland Security link: http://www.aidmatrixnetwork.org/CashDonations/Default2.aspx?ST=INDIANA#

The Indiana State Police and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security caution Hoosiers to know who they are donating money to before making a cash donation.  While there could be legitimate sources making door-to-door collections, more often than not, money given to door-to-door collectors is often diverted to personal gain and does not go to the stated cause.  Know before you donate!