01/21/11 Plymouth Fire Chief Andy Metsker presented his year end report to the Board of Public Works and Safety last week. 

Emergency Medial Service workers responded to 2,110 calls in 2010. While firefighters responded to 276 emergency fire situations and assisted EMS a total 1,746 times.  Fire fighters were cancelled in route 88 times last year.  

Fire calls for the year included: 46 false alarms, 33 natural vegetation fires, 32 structure fires, 24 vehicle fires, 16 leaks or spills, 14 chemical releases or toxic releases, 14 electrical wiring or equipment problems, 10 public service assistance and 10 smoke or odor problems.  Firefighters conducted 9 extrications, 8 other fires, 8 system or detector malfunctions, 8 unintentional system/detector operations, 6 good intent calls, 5 outside rubbish fires, 5 severe weather calls, and 5 special outside fires. Other responses by the fire department were 4 hazardous conditions, 4 other service calls, 3 fires in mobile homes, 2 calls each for excessive heat, person in distress, and steam. The Plymouth Fire Department responded to 1 crop fire, 1 hazmat investigation, 1 special type incident, 1 vicinity alarm, 1 water problem and 1 wrong location.

When looking at the various incidents by district calls were divided with 1,408 in Plymouth290 in West Township, 270 in Center Township, 23 Culver Paramedic assists, 22 Lakeville/LaPaz Paramedic assists, 19 Walkerton Paramedic assists, 17 in Polk Township, 16 paramedic assists to Argos, 16 in LaPaz, 14 Argos, 6 Starke County Paramedic Assists, 5 calls to Culver, 2 other paramedic assists, 2 other locations, and 1 Bremen.

Key to the department was the overlapping of incidents.  In 2009 there were 223 times and last year 206.  The percentage of overlapping incidents is 10% for last year. 

The total number of incidents in 2009 was 1945 and last year 2110 while the average daily number of incidents per day is 5.78 for last year.