01/20/11 About 7:30 Sunday morning the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department received a call of a pick-up truck on SR 331 south of 9B Road that was partially in the road and it looked like it had been involved in a crash.

Sgt. Bruce Carter was dispatched to the scene and located the truck which was partially in the roadway.  The truck had extensive damage to the driver’s side and the left rear time was missing.  There was no one around the vehicle.

The investigation led Officer Carter to the driver of the vehicle who lived in Bourbon.  The driver, 27 year old Dean Young told the officer that he had fallen asleep and went off the road and hit a fence.  Young stated that he walked home.  Even though he had a cell phone with him at the time of the crash, he chose not to report the crash to the police.

The accident scene was located at SR 331 and 7th Road.  There were 7 sections of fence that were damaged and the tire was located a short distance south of 9B Road.   

Dean Young will be charged with leaving the scene of an accident.