01/19/11  Think Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are just for teenagers? Think again. Social media is here to stay, and it is changing the way we connect with friends, co-workers, and customers. On January 26, The Midas Center, located at 200 North Michigan in Plymouth, Indiana, will present “Social Media 101,” a workshop for businesses or organizations who want to make maximum use of this new digital technology. Guests at the workshop will receive the extensive course material covered throughout the presentation, including a social media glossary, a discussion of common myths about social media, tips on how to engage with users, and an introduction to emerging tools and technologies. The workshop will include 101 tips and best practices about social media that participants can implement immediately. Cost for the workshop is $50 per person and includes lunch and course materials. Businesses who are iHEART sponsors receive a 50% discount for employees who attend this workshop and any of  the upcoming workshops presented by The Midas Center. Registration is required, but it’s easy to register online at www.themidascenter.BLOGspot.com. Doors open at 11:30 a.m. and the hour-long presentation begins at noon. People of all levels of social media experience are welcome.

The Midas Center is a full service creative communications agency providing professional marketing, advertising, public relations, and branding services to businesses and organizations. Clients can outsource their social media management needs to The Midas Center, as well as the design and development of their company Web sites, annual reports, presentation collateral and more.  In addition to workshops, The Midas Center also offers individual coaching sessions on social media and other topics relevant to succeeding in this new digital landscape. The next professional development opportunity available in The Midas Center Workshop series, entitled “Branding: It’s Not Just for Cows,” will take place on Friday, February 25 at noon, course materials and lunch included. If you are interested in more information about the variety of creative communication services The Midas Center can provide, visit www.themidascenter.com.

Caption: The Midas Center Workshop: Social Media 101 will offer guests 101 best practices and information like emerging technologies, such as QR codes. Learn more about what QR codes are and how people can use a smart phone to decode the message, leading users to your Web sites and more.