01/14/10 Plymouth Police Chief Jim Cox presented his year end report to the Board of Public Works and Safety during Monday evening’s meeting.  The report shows his department handled 9,802 calls for information and 3,671 complaints.  City officers conducted 3,232 traffic stops, responded to 2135 9-1-1 calls, conducted 1,876 investigations and made 1,405 security checks.

City police officers signed 1,195 charges, conducted 608 vehicle checks, made 538 criminal arrests and 500 traffic arrests, responded to 475 alarms and 443 animal complaints.

Plymouth Police investigated 428 property damage accidents, handled 396 calls for service, did 350 assists, were dispatches to 295 juvenile complaints, investigated 254 suspicious persons, issued 243 $2 parking tickets, and investigated 240 suspicious vehicles.  City police investigated 231 thefts, assisted 227 disabled vehicles and issued 215 traffic warnings.

City K-9 Officer Rex was used 203 times.  Officers did 194 extra patrols, served 167 restraining orders, conducted 163 escorts, served 125 warrants and conducted 120 welfare checks.  There were 94 parking enforcements, 63 court details, officers located 56 open doors or windows responded to 32 domestic fights and were called for 26 lockouts.

In 2010 Plymouth Police investigated 25 batteries, 24 unwanted guests, enacted the Merchant Program Plan 15 times, investigated 12 personal injury accidents and 5 trespassing complaint.   The Plymouth Police Department issued five $10 parking tickets and one $50 handicap parking ticket.