01/13/11 Members of the Marshall County Council received copies of the 2010 Annual Jail Report during their meeting on Monday. 

During the year of 2010 there were a total of 2,070 inmates processed into the County Jail.  This is compared to 2,310 last year and 2,111 in 2008. The average daily number of inmates booked into the jail in 2010 was 5.7.  They year before it was 6 and in 2008 5.7.  The average daily inmate population for the Marshall County Jail was 100 in 2010 compared to 89 in 2009 and 60 in 2008. 

When looking at the top ten identified types of offenses in the jail last year Operating While Intoxicated was at the top of the list with 315 followed by Failure to Appear at 226 and Driving While Suspended at 149.  The OWI and Failure to Appear were the top two in 2008 and 2009 also. 

Completing the top ten list for 2010 is Public Intoxication 143, 5th was Theft at 141, followed by Probation Violation at 134 and Civil Contempt at 90.  Rounding out the bottom of the list was Operating Without a License 87. 9th was Possession of Precursors at 83 and Battery at 64. 

Former Sheriff Jon Van Vactor’s report show Operating While Intoxicated, Public Intoxication and Minor Consuming accounted for 24.74% of the jail bookings in 2010. Possession of Cocaine/Meth and Possession of Precursors accounted for 7.01% of the bookings in 2010.  

A total of 466 incidents were documented by the Marshall County Jail Staff in 2010.  These included inmate fights, jail rule violations, insubordination, behavior tickets, destruction of jail property, contraband found during shake downs, and medical incidents involving jail inmates.  Comparing incidents to the two previous years showed 463 in 2009 and 276 in 2008. 

As in the two previous years there were no deaths of inmates in custody and no escapes or attempted escapes.