12/24/10 Students at Riverside Intermediate School in Plymouth have flipped their “lids” for recycling, literally.

The Ecology Club at Riverside is made up of 5th and 6th graders under the direction of sponsors Mrs. Tillie Kain and Jill Montgomery.   The group has undertaken a new project in conjunction with a recycling company from southern Indiana, Green Tree Plastics in Evansville.

Student members of the club want to purchase benches for the front of the school.  These benches would be used by students who get dropped off early in the morning or who are waiting to be picked up after their school activities.

The Ecology Club did some investigating and found this company that makes benches from all types of plastic lids from bottles and containers.  The cost is lower if the students collect the plastic lids that will be used to make the benches.

Riverside students are asking the community to help them collect plastic lids from milk jugs, water and pop bottles, laundry soap bottles, shampoo bottles, hair spray cans and more.  Any type of plastic lid works as long as it has no metal in it.

500 pounds of lids are needed to make the 2 benches.  There is a cost of $150 per bench needed to cover the costs of manufacturing.   As a way to raise the funds students will be recycling old electronics.  Students are collecting old ink jet cartridges, lap tops, GPS systems, and cell phones.  These items will be sold to an electronics recycling company to help cover costs.

Riverside Intermediate School students are thanking the community in advance for helping them GO GREEN!  Working together we can make a difference for Planet Earth!