12/21/10 Monday morning the Marshall County Commissioners motioned to have the County Plan Commission study the Plan Director’s position to see if it might be possible to make it a part-time position.

Commissioner Jack Roose said, “I may be way out on a limb here but I think the Plan Commission needs to study on whether we need a full time director.  The economy at this point in not making a lot of work for them up there,” as he referred to the Plan Director’s Office on the third floor.  Roose continued, “We might be able to give him enforcement capabilities to give him extra duties.”

Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said he would like the Plan Commission to study the duties, job description and time spent by Plan Director Ralph Booker attending to his specific duties.  He said, “Building Commissioner Dennis Elliott came to us during budget planning and said his workload has been reduced due to the economic downward trend.  He said he would be able to handle his job duties working three days a week.”  Overmyer also noted that the Plan Commission cancelled its December meeting while the Plan Commission cancelled at least two meetings this year.

Commissioner Tom Chamberlin who has been the Commissioner’s representative to the Plan Commission said, “Things aren’t going to get any better very soon.  This could be a wise move and would show the tax payers that we are trying to save money.”

Overmyer asked Deb Griewank, President of the Plan Commission to contact Booker and ask him to start analysis of his position.