12/20/10 On Tuesday, December 14th at 1:29 AM Officer John Weir with the Plymouth Police Department during his routine patrol came upon two subjects that appeared to be going though the Goodwill Boxes next to K-Mart.   While speaking with the subjects Officer Weir noticed paraphernalia associated with smoking marijuana on the dash board of the vehicle.  Because the paraphernalia was in plane site it resulted in a search of the vehicle.   During the search an active methamphetamine lab was located, along with marijuana over 30 grams, a police scanner and several other items of paraphernalia.

The State Police Clandestine Team was called to assist in the cleanup of the active meth lab.  The subjects were identified as 40 year old Colin Harker of Albion and 41 year old Deanna J. Yoder of Goshen. Both subjects were arrested and transported to the Marshall County Jail and held without bond.