12/15/10 Members of the Marshall County Council approved two additional appropriations during their meeting Monday morning.

Kevin Overmyer, President of the Marshall County Drainage Board was seeking an additional of $1,250 for legal services.  Overmyer explained that a lawsuit involving a drainage project on the south side of Argos has caused negative balance in their budget of $284.39.  He said they are expecting the November and December statements to increase the deficit.    Although the judge ruled in favor of the Drainage Board the resident has hired another lawyer and has filed an appeal.  Because of the lawsuit additional fees are expected to be acquired by the board.

The second additional appropriation request was from Judge Rob Bowen of Marshall Superior Court #1. He was seeking an additional $10,000 for Pauper Council.  The line item is in the red $154.07.  The original appropriation was $55,000 with an additional transfer of $7,000 making a total of $62,000 available for public defenders.  To date the court has spent $62,154.07. The $10,000 will pay claims for appointed attorneys and salaries for public defenders through December 2010.

County Council members also approved two dozen transfers ranging from $.06 up to $80,000.