12/10/10 The Plymouth Park Board held a public meeting on Monday to allow the public the opportunity to express what they would like to see the Park Department accomplish in the next five years.   Input from the meeting will be included in the Park’s new 5-year plan.

Only four people attended the public meeting.  George Schricker said he appreciated the outstanding park system including the new trail that is such an asset.  He said he would like to see it extended.  He also commented that the bridges on the trail acquaint the community with the river in a new way.

Schricker is in-favor of continued development of the new downtown park.  He said it will improve property values and be an asset to the historic downtown area by encouraging new structures and downtown living.

Other public comments came from Brent Martin.  Brent too was supportive of moving forward with the development of the downtown park.   He said removal of the homes that were in the flood plain is beneficial to the future development of the park.  Martin commented, “The Yellow River is an asset, not just a drainage ditch.” He said if he were prioritizing the top two projects he would like to see come to fruition in the next five year, it would be the expansion of the trail and creation of the downtown park.

Another person at the meeting, Nick said, “I have praise for all the parks and how well maintained they are.”  He explained that he has small children and they feel equipment in the park is safe for families.

Superintendent of Plymouth Schools, Dan Tyree said in 1979 when his family was considering moving to Plymouth the park system was an attraction.  He said, “The parks seem to have something for all ages.”   He commented on the additional improvements including the amphitheater, Greenway Trail, and new downtown park.  He said, “These are things to attract young professionals to our town.”   He also commented that we should be a community who can boast of energy efficiency and should strive to work toward becoming a greener community.

Park Superintendent Mike Hite said surveys were mailed to city water customers asking their opinions of the parks, facilities, programs and what they would like to see in the parks in the next five years.  Hite said between 450 to 500 surveys have been returned.  Surveys can be completed until December 31st.