12/07/10 Monday morning the Marshall County Commissioners suspended the rules and passed resolution 2010-7 on second and third reading.  The resolution spells out the public easements at Lake of the Woods. Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said their only intention was to define ownership of the various easements at the lake once they had been informed of issues.  He said, “Our intentions wasn’t to change ownership, only to spell out which ones were privately owned and the ones publically owned by the County”

The commissioners also approved an amendment to the Salary Ordinance that will now include the guidelines to the county’s time keeping system.  Fobs have been issued to employees to allow them to log on to the system.  County Auditor Penny Lukenbill explained to the commissioners that the new system is working very well.  She said everyone is paid for their overtime and if an employee works through their lunch hour or works past 4 p.m. they are paid although all overtime must be pre-approved.

In other business the commissions approved an agreement with Harris Financial for a new software system for the auditor’s office.  Cost on the software and conversion was $49,615.  Lukenbill said the new system will integrate with the new time and attendance system.  It is also the same provider for the software in the Treasurer’s office.

The Commissioners also appointed Laurie O’Dell to the Argos Library Board and accepted the Warning Plan annex.