12/03/10 Planning for the annual “Dancing With the Stars” fundraiser for the Marshall County Neighborhood Center has begun.  The event will take place next year on Saturday, February 5th.   Although all the details are not ready for release, the dancers have been announced.

The line-up for the 2011 event are Mary Raimondi, Ester Thompson, Margaret Roahrig, Kathy Overmyer, Drew Hettich, Larry Holloway, Albert Hanselman, Jane Faulstich, Brain Baird, and Joy Carter.

There are three married couples who will compete in their own competition.  They include:  Dennis and Francis Beville, Dan and Nancy Schmelter, and Robert and Chris Pickell. The event will also feature the youth couple of Cameron Carter and Emily McKenzie.

This night full of competition and other entertainment is sure to be one to remember.  Mark your calendar for Saturday, February 5th and stay tuned to WTCA for more information on the “Dancing With the Stars” fundraising event for the Marshall County Neighborhood Center.