12/03/10 Plymouth Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt has been working with Price’s Nursery preparing to plant a number of trees around the city.  Sites have been determined and marked with a stake and a spray-painted circle on the lawn.  Price’s has begun dropping off the trees and on Thursday started planting them.

A total of 26 news trees are being planted by the City.  The locations are:

315 N. Michigan (3 trees)

511 N. Michigan (2 trees)

600 block N. Michigan, west side

211 W. Jefferson

712 W. Adams

817 W. Washington

823 W. Washington on Fifth St. side

917 W. Washington (2 trees)

722 W. Garro

723 W. Garro

301 Lake Avenue (2 trees)

222 S. Walnut on Lewis St. side

Empty lot on S. Michigan and Nursery

601 S. Michigan

620 Bayless St. on Charles St. side

121 Green St.

1070 Highland Ct.

1104 Ferndale St.

618 Memory Ct. on Berkley St side (3 trees)