12/02/10 On Wednesday, December 1st about 3:30 AM Argos Police Officer Jeremy Enyart conducted a traffic stop on Walnut Street east of US 31.  The driver, 27 year old Ryan T. Smith of Starke County was driving a car with no license plates on it.

Officer Enyart discovered over 30 grams of Pseudoephedrine a chemical reagent used to manufacture methamphetamine under the driver’s seat while taking an inventory of the contents of the vehicle. Smith was arrested for possession of chemical reagents and transported to the Marshall County Jail.  He was booked in on a $1,000 bond.

Also arrested Wednesday morning was 20 year old Christina J. Elma of Monterey who was a passenger in the vehicle.  She was arrested for the possession of chemical reagents. Elma was transported to the Marshall County Jail and booked on a $1,000 bond.