11/29/10 The House Republican caucus honored State Representative Bill Friend by electing him as the Majority Floor Leader for this legislative session.  Friend said, “I am very appreciative of their judgment, but at the same time, I am very humbled because I understand the gravity of the position. Some may say, Why is that, you have control of the chamber, 60-40, it should be easy!”

Friend explains, “Let’s look at why it may not be so easy. First, the Republican caucus has 18 new members. These new people all have personalities and opinions that have not been expressed. It is very difficult to predict the attitude of 18 new people when significant legislation is presented for consideration.” He continued,  “There is no job description for my position. It becomes what I make of it. Here is how I interpret what the position entails: My job is to listen to the caucus members on an individual basis and counsel then as needed. I must be a communicator to Speaker Bosma and assist with problem solving. It is also necessary for me to listen to the public and communicate their thoughts to the Speaker. My job is multi-faceted and must include a big-picture viewpoint. Yes, I represent district 23, but I also have to understand and respect the views of everyone else. Being totally parochial is no longer an option; I have to take a larger viewpoint.”

In addition to the duties listed above, he will also be serving on three committees this legislative session. As Speaker Bosma has said, the committees are the workhorse of the Legislature. Rep. Friend will be serving on the following committees: Agricultural & Rural Development, Environmental Affairs, and the Statutory Committee on Interstate & International Cooperation.

Bill Friend closed by saying, “My goal remains to represent District 23 in the best possible way. I want to continue to serve my individual constituents in the best possible manner. I ask the forbearance of the district as I perform my duties as the Majority Leader. Your wishes will not be dismissed. I remain a champion of rural and small town development.”