11/22/10 In 2008, the West Township Trustee and Board approved the initiation of a project to provide basic life support coverage to the residents of West Township.  The intent of the project is to work through the Plymouth Fire/EMS Department and provide the opportunity for quicker response time to medical emergencies.

Departing from their residence within the township, the responder will have the equipment necessary to provide basic life support and administer assistance as additional emergency units are in-route.  He will be able to evaluate the medical emergency and communicate needs to the Paramedics/EMT’s responding from Plymouth.

Initially, four West Township residents expressed interest and attended a meeting at the Plymouth Fire Department.  Of those attending, two met the qualifications of the Plymouth Fire/EMS and began training to become certified EMT’s.

Troy Fish has obtained his state EMT-B certification and training with the Plymouth Fire/EMS.  He will soon be providing basic life support coverage within West Township.

If you see Troy, please thank him for his interest and dedication to providing care to the residents of West Township.  Any other residents interested in participating in this program should contact Terry Borggren, West Township Trustee, at (574) 936-4875.