11/22/10 Jana’s Gymnastics Teams competed at the “Catch a Wave” Gymnastics meet in Chesterton, IN on Saturday.  Jana’s Bronze and Silver teams both brought home 1st place trophies.

The girls were treated to a special awards presentation at this meet.  John Roethlisberger, a 3-time Olympian representing the United States in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and the 200 Olympics in Sydney gave them their individual and team awards.  In addition to being a 3-time Olympian, John Roethlisberger is also a 4-time National Champion.  John was gracious enough to pose with our first place teams and stay for autographs after the awards presentation.

Bronze 1st Place Team Pictured  with John Roethlisberger are:

Back Row: Kennedy Lauck, Jadyn Evans, Lauren Miller, Allison Layne, Ashly Deleon, Katie Lauck

Front Row: Ellie Dishon, Andie Kizer, Zailey Hess, Caitlin Kulpa, Sara Hunter, Julia Marohn, Claudia Marohn

Silver 1st Place Team Pictured with John Roethlisberger are:

Standing:  Taylor Marrs, Emma Delinski, Alison Webb, Barbie Kimmel, Belle Beeson, Mia Harvey, Kendall Rhodes

Sitting: Karly Gruett, Lexi Miller, Kyla Heckaman

Here are the meet results:


Sara Hunter: Vault 8.7(4th), Bars 8.75, Beam8.65, Floor 9.2, AA 35.3

Lauren Miller: Vault 8.6, Bars 8.8, Beam 8.525, Floor 8.9, AA 34.825

Kennedy Lauck: Vault 8.7(4th), Bars 9.425(1st), Beam 9.1(2nd), Floor 9.2(5th), AA 36.425(1st)

Abby Machnic: Vault 8.6, Bars 9.4(3rd), Beam 7.95, Floor 9.25(5th), AA 35.2

Seja Lang: Vault 8.3, Bars 8.65, Beam 7.9, floor 8.4, AA 33.25

Claudia Marohn: Vault 8.95(3rd0, Bars 9.25(7th), Beam 8.75(6th), Floor 9.3(3rd), AA 36.25(3rd)

Ellie Dishon: Vault 9.1(1st), Bars 9.3(4th), Beam 8.1, Floor 9.25(5th), AA 35.75(7th)

Caitlin Kulpa: Vault 8.55, Bars 9.375(4th), Beam 9.1(2nd), Floor 9.375(2nd), AA 36.4(2nd)

Zailey Hess: Vault 8.6, Bars 9.3(6th), Beam 8.15, Floor 9.275(4th), AA 35.325

Katie Lauck: Vault 8.6, Bars 9.1, Beam 8.95(5th), Floor 8.95, AA 35.6

Jadyn Evans: Vault 8.65(6th), Bars 8.9, Beam 9.2(1st), Floor 9.4(1st), AA 36.15(4th)

Andie Kizer: Vault 9.0(2nd), Bars 9.425(1st), Beam 8.7(7th), Floor 8.825, AA 35.95(5th)

Allison Layne: Vault 8.65(6th), Bars 9.05, Beam 9.0(4th), Floor 9.2, AA 35.9(6th)

Dessa Lang: Vault 8.65(2nd), Bars 9.0(3rd), Beam 8.8(3rd), Floor 9.025(3rd),  AA 35.475(2nd)

Julia Marohn: Vault 8.65(2nd), Bars 9.25(1st), Beam 8.35(4th), Floor 9.175(1st), AA 35.425(3rd)

Ashly Deleon: Vault 8.45, Bars 9.025(2nd), Beam 9.55(1st), Floor 9.075(2nd), AA 36.1(1st)


Kyla Heckaman: Vault 8.85(2nd), Bars 9.15(1st), Beam 9.05(1st), Floor 9.25(2nd), AA 36.3(1st)

Emma Delinski: Vault 8.65(4th), Bars 8.975(2nd), Beam 8.975(3rd), Floor 9.425(2nd)

Mia Harvey: Vault 8.6(6th), Bars 8.95(3rd), Beam 9.05(1st), Floor 8.9(5th), AA 35.5(3rd)

Bailey Eveland: Vault 9.075(1st), Bars 8.2(6th), Beam 8.3(5th), Floor 9.175(3rd), AA 34.75(5th)

Lexi Miller: Vault 8.7(3rd), Bars 8.775(4th0, Beam 8.7(4th), Floor 8.7(6th), AA 34.875(4th)

Kendall Rhodes: Vault 8.65(4th), Bars 8.45(5th), Beam 7.75, Floor 9.05, AA 33.9

Karly Gruett: Vault 8.95(6th), Bars 8.9(3rd), Beam 8.575(6th), Floor 9.25(3rd), AA 35.675(4th)

Belle Beeson: Vault 8.9(7th), Bars 8.4(8th), Beam 8.0, Floor 9.275(2nd), AA 34.575(8th)

Taylor Marrs: Vault 8.75, Bars 8.6(6th), Beam 8.125, Floor 8.925(9th), AA 34.4(9th)

Alison Webb: Vault 8.6, Bars 7.6, Beam 8.25, Floor 9.0(6th), AA 33.45

Barbie Kimmel: Vault 8.95(5th), Bars 8.675(4th), Beam 9.175(1st), Floor 9.1(4th), AA 35.9(3rd)