11/22/10  The Argos Town Council came to a decision for the 2011 Salary Ordinance during last Wednesday’s meeting.  The Salary Ordinance was passed on the first reading at the previous meeting.  The Council members wanted input from the residence.  Shawn Harley asked the Council what exactly was in the ordinance.  Areas that were indicated to receive raises were the Utility Department, Police Department, Deputy Clerk, and part time park employees.  Those who were not to receive a raise were the Council members, Town Clerk, Fire Department, and Crossing Guards.  It was explained to the audience that the EMS Department was using a new system for pay and that Walnut and Green Townships were on board raises.  For the 2011 Ordinance the EMS Director was not to receive a raise.

Council Member, Val Harley, said she voted yes for the first reading because she wanted to hear from the citizens.  Val did say that Argos needs to increase their revenues or decrease the expenses.  Member Linda Jones reminded the Council that the Senior Citizens did not get a raise for 2011.  Council President, George Null, said that there is not a merit system in place.  He told the audience that the council is working on a merit system so that it will be in place for next year.  Member Dave Walker told the Council he was in favor for the raise.  “The $5,000 total for raises is a minuscule amount.” Dave said.  The Salary Ordinance did not pass on the second and third readings 4-1.  Dave Walker was the lone yea vote.

An Ordinance is needed so that the employees would be paid at the start of the new year.  It was decided to keep the salaries in place and the EMS would be the lone increase to see how the new pay system works out.  The rules were suspended and the revised Salary Ordinance and it was passed 4-1 with Dave Walker being the lone nay vote.