11/16/10  It was a busy meeting for the Marshall County Commissioners on Monday.  A representative from the Healy Group gave an update on the health insurance renewal with Advantage.  When the commissioners signed with the Healy Group last year there was a clause in the agreement that the renewal increase wouldn’t be more that 9%.  The actual renewal rate is 3.59%, substantially below the 9% negotiated cap.

The commissioners were also informed on new changes to the county’s health insurance plan due to the new health care law.  There are three major changes:    1.)  The $2 million lifetime payment will change to $2 million annually.  2.) Starting on January 1st the option to extend dependent coverage will move from 24 years to 26 years.  3.) The final change that directly affects the county’s plan is no pre-existing limitation on dependents under the age of 19.

The County Commissioners unanimously approved the renewal.

The Healy Group also presented a proposal for a new dental plan using Health Resources Inc. HRI has negotiated with a number of dental providers in Marshall, Elkhart and Saint Joseph Counties.  The new plan is similar to the current self-funded plan but will allow for additional savings of 15 to 20%.

The dental plan is voluntary although it is included in the employee’s $1 annual payment per employee.  Employees do pay all costs for dependents.

The commissioners motioned to switch the county’s dental plan to Health Resources Inc.

In other business they approved the purchase of four new vehicles for the Sheriff’s Department.  A bid opening was held at 10 a.m. with Country Auto and Oliver Ford being the only two bids submitted.  The Sheriff’s Department wanted to purchase trucks this time noting that their trade in value is better for resale and over time their value is less to operate.

Country Auto bid $21,802 each for four 2011 Dodge Ram 1500, the total amount is $87,208.  The sheriff’s Department has four Crown Victoria’s to trade in at an amount of $11,500 for a final bid amount of $75,708.

Oliver Ford bid four 2011 F150’s 4 x 4 crew cab at $27,012 each for a total of $108,048.  The trade in amount for the four cars was $11,000 for a final bid amount of $97,048.

After review by Captain Rex Gilliland and Officer Dan Butt the commissioner approved the low bid of Country Auto.  The sheriff’s budget for vehicles is $82,000.