11/15/10  The Argos Town Council discussed the Salary Ordinance for 2011 during their last meeting.  The salary ordinance has a provision for a small salary increase for all departments.  The employees were given an across the board increase of $1,200 each in 2009.  There were no increases in 2010.  This discussion was tabled from the previous meeting so that all Council members would be present for the vote. 
Council Member, Linda Jones, told the council they need to make prudent decisions with Argos’ money.  She cited the recent cuts to the budget due to a cash short fall.  Also, she reminded the Council that Plymouth changed their Salary Ordinance so there would be no raises for their employees.  “Right now you guys are paid well and you have jobs.  When times get better I will vote for a pay raise.” Linda told the employees who were in the audience.
Dave Walker, Council Vice President, reminded the Council that a salary ordinance had to be passed at the end of the year or the employees will not get paid.  He suggested voting for the ordinance on the first reading.  “I am hoping it will get around town and the people will come to the next meeting and ask us questions.” Dave said.  The Salary Ordinance was passed 3-2 with Linda Jones and George Null voting no.