11/12/10 Ancilla College students, faculty, and staff took time out of their day to remember all veterans and currently enlisted soldiers in the armed forces as part of the College’s Veterans Day observance.

A short prayer service was held outside the Donaldson-based College and was led by: Sr. Carleen Wrasman, PHJC; Lana Singleton, Advisor and Volleyball Coach; and Regina McClain, student and U.S. Armed Forces veteran.

In addition to the prayer service, the College participated in creating a denim quilt for those serving abroad.  Six tubs of used denim were turned into squares that students wrote on, expressing thanks and words of encouragement.  Those squares will be, in turn, patched together to create a quilt that will be donated through the local branch of Operation: Quiet Comfort.

“I was introduced to Jan Houin, the coordinator of the local Operation: Quiet Comfort, and had a chance to visit the place,” said Wrasman.  “It inspired me, and I felt our students would benefit from being conscious of the injured men and women who serve our country.”

 Ancilla College is a Catholic, two-year, co-educational, liberal arts college in Donaldson, Indiana sponsored by the Poor Handmaids of Jesus Christ.

 “Quilt” Photo: Students take time to write messages of gratitude and encouragement to those in the armed forces on patches of denim.  The denim will be used to create quilts that will be donated to soldiers abroad.

 “Silence” Photo (L to R): Ancilla College student and U.S. Armed Forces veteran Regina McClain and Sr. Carleen Wrasman, PHJC, lead a prayer group in a moment of silence honoring all those in the armed forces.