11/11/10 The Marshall County Council agreed with the recommendation of the County Commissioners to replace the county’s human resources deputy.  During the council meeting on Monday, County Auditor Penny Lukenbill presented her case to rehire the position that was vacated in her office about 6 weeks ago.

Earlier this year the commissioners told department heads that there would be no new hires and no replacements unless approved by the commissioners and council.

The Auditor told council members that she and two deputies in her office have undertaken the HR duties.  She said it has place a real hardship on her office and in February she will be losing one deputy to retirement and will not be replacing her.   Lukenbill looked into the possibility of using an “on call” consultant but felt that employees would want to discuss sensitive issues at the time issues arises instead of waiting to talk with a consultant.

Lukenbill also spoke about her concerns of possible litigation regarding employee and employer issues.  She explained that the position requires someone trained in human resource issues.  It was estimated that employee litigation typically runs in the area of $40,000 far more than the cost of a full time salary.

The county council unanimously approved her request.