11/09/10 With the first snow falls in northern Indiana on Friday and Saturday, the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) had plow and salt trucks on the roads. 

“INDOT was prepared for the first snow and our trucks hit the roads Saturday morning,” said Mike McPhillips, LaPorte District Deputy Commissioner. “We’re encouraging Hoosier drivers to remember proper winter driving techniques. Drivers should slow down and allow additional space between other vehicles.” 

McPhillips also urged drivers to be alert while driving near snow plows on all state and local roads. The LaPorte District maintains 4,875 lane miles of state roads, including 550 lane miles of interstate. 

INDOT is encouraging drivers to ready their vehicles for winter and review the driving tips below to prepare for a safe winter: 

  •  ACCELERATE GRADUALLY on ice or snow to avoid slipping and sliding
  • DRIVE SLOWLY and carefully to avoid rear-end collisions and sliding on curves
  • ALLOW GREATER DISTANCE behind the car ahead; it takes more time to stop on snow and ice
  • BRAKE EARLY, break slowly, never slam on the brakes; if you have anti-lock brakes, press the pedal down firmly and hold it; if you don’t, gently pump the pedal
  • NO CRUISE CONTROL, avoid abrupt steering maneuvers
  • GIVE SNOWPLOWS ROOM to operate; don’t tailgate or try to pass

 For additional winter driving tips, please visit www.winterdrivingsafety.in.gov.