11/09/10Monday night Plymouth Police Chief Jim Cox read a letter from Officer Tom Chamberlin notifying the city of his retirement effective on December 1st.  Chamberlin noted his 25 years of service to the department and said it had been a privilege.  He also said he would continue to work for the people as the new Sheriff.

Chief Cox also updated the Board of Public Works and Safety on the application process to fill the vacancy that will be open when Chamberlin leaves.  72 applications were picked up from the police department and 32 were returned.  Cox said of the 32 returned applications only 11 were completed correctly.  Those 11 were invited to the written and agility testing on Saturday but only 9 showed up and 2 failed the agility test leaving 7 candidates.

The department will begin to conduct background checks on the 7 remaining candidates.  Chief Cox said this process should take 3 weeks.  The chief noted that candidates are from Indy, Elkhart, South Bend, Fulton County and locally.  Once the background checks are complete and in house panel of 7 police department personal including supervisor and patrolman will interview the 7. The house panel will decide who and how many the Board of Public Works and Safety will be able to conduct live interviews with.

The Chief hopes to fill the position by the beginning of the year.