11/03/10 Marshall County democrats gathering at Opie’s on election night shared both their disappointment that not all of the candidates on their slate were successful and the sprit of promise for the future.

Michelle Livinghouse, who has been involved in politics since 1964, was thrilled that four students took time to man the telephones for the Democrat candidates Tuesday. She called them the “promise of the future”. Livinghouse said having younger candidates such as 31-year-old Ryan Ripley running on the Democratic ticket showed that young people are starting to take an interest in local politics.

Although defeated, Ripley said he plans to continue to pursue a role in the political scene. Prior to hearing the final counts, Ripley said, “I’m going to keep watching county government no matter what happens tonight.” His wife, Kristin, shared his viewpoint. Kristen Ripley said, “We need for young people to get involved in politics and learn what it’s all about.”

Veteran politician Nancy Dembowski believes all of the candidates voted into office need to come together. Dembowski said,” We need to all work together. That’s what the people want.” She was also somewhat prepared if the final votes had not gone her way. She said, “I’ve lost a race before and I found out that the sun rises in the morning just the same.”

Marshall County Democrat Chair Larry Balmer thanked candidates individually and asked them to consider running again.