10/29/10 Parent –Teacher conferences at Lincoln Junior High on November 1 will be entirely different than the traditional format. Early this year, a grant made it possible for every student to have a laptop computer.

During the “Students Showcase” on Monday night, students will be showcasing on laptops what they are doing in school. Students will be in their homerooms during the evening.

According to Principal Dan Funston, every student has a presentation that includes his/her goals for each class, demonstrations of the math lessons online, other course materials, and imported data of reading assessments.

Funston said the students will also be able to show links to other sites where parents can find a survey concerning the school’s offerings and Power School where parents can follow the progress and grades of their child every day.

Funston feels this is an important step for the students. He said, “Kids have to take ownership of their own learning.”

However, he is also quick to point out that this type of presentation does not mean parents can not speak with administrators or teachers one-to-one. Funston said, “Effective communication is ongoing. Teachers will meet with parents anytime during the school year.”

Students have been encouraged to get their parents or guardians to attend with the offer of a prize.  All students who have an adult attend the “Student Showcase” will get their name put in a drawing to win a special lunch.  The winner will get to take five friends to lunch at either Beef ‘O Bradys, Applebee’s or Pizza Hut, their choice and transportation will be a limo ride.

Photo:Curtis Smith working on his Student Showcase.  Thursday was mismatch day in celebration of Red Ribbon week.
Carol Anders Correspondent