10/27/10 Monday Congressman Joe Donnelly received the most Rochester High School student votes to win the debate hosted by the Rochester Sentinel.

“Hoosiers deserve a representative who puts them first,” said Donnelly.  “I made my positions clear tonight: Unlike my opponent, I will continue to oppose unfair trade deals that ship jobs overseas, protect Social Security from those who want to privatize it, and support tax breaks for small businesses and working families.  I pledge to maintain my record as an independent voice for the people of north central Indiana.  I will work non-stop to have the privilege of representing the Second Congressional District.”

The heated debate highlighted the stark contrast between Donnelly and his opponent, covering issues such as the economy, Social Security, free trade, and education.  When asked whether or not she would support privatizing Social Security, State Rep. Walorski failed to answer the question.  When asked how she would prevent jobs from being shipped overseas, she passed on the opportunity to defend her support for free trade.  To read more about what you didn’t hear from State Rep. Walorski tonight, read the fact sheet below.

“I was pleased to receive the votes of the Rochester High School students after the debate and appreciated the opportunity to debate the issues with my opponents,” continued Donnelly.  “I look forward to our second debate on Wednesday.”