10/27/10 Tuesday morning the Marshall County Election Board met with a complete agenda of items.

The first order of business was the review of the financial report filed by Judith Stone, candidate for Marshall County Council District 4 and the review of the formal complaint filed by Ryan Ripley on said report.

Marshall County Republican Chairman David Holmes attended the meeting with Judith Stone.  Holmes said, “I feel that it is appropriate for me to respond to the complaint.  Judy doesn’t have the information to respond to the complaint made by her opponent.”   He continued, “The CFA 5’s for in-kind donations to the candidates are not filled out by the party until the end of the election period.  We fill them out after we have made our buys with the radio station, newspaper and created our brochure.”   Holmes explained that at the time the report was due we (Republican Party) were still negotiating and working on our advertising.”

The County Chairman explained that none of the county candidates, those with opponents or those who are running unopposed has been given a CFA 5.  He said, “We generally give them out after election day.”   Holmes said, “State statue only says the CFA 5’s are to be provided in a “timely” manor, no specific time limit.”

Election Board member Roger Wise commented that Mrs. Stone had filed her in-kind donation from the party with a CFA 5 from her first campaign the following January.

Holmes said, “If fault is to be blamed, it’s on the party.”

Election Board member Steve Harper said, “Personally I don’t think it’s necessary to proceed with the complaint.  I don’t feel there is any merit to the complaint and we should move on.”  His motion was unanimously approved by all members of the Marshall County Election Board.