10/27/10 The Argos School Board, during their last meeting, was given a presentation by Special Educator, Mary Wojdyla.  Mary is the instructor for the moderate to severely disabled students.  These students, by law, can stay in school till the age of 22.  The students have a variety of job training opportunities in the school, the Katherine Kasper home at Ancilla, and local business.  They are taught the skills to work in kitchens, restocking shelves, and cleaning.   Friday is the day they cook their own lunch.  “We keep it real.  Things they could make when they can move to an assisted living arrangement.” Mary told the Board.   Wednesday is Muffin Day for the kids.  They bake 14 to 24 dozen muffins to sell to the staff and students of Argos School.  The money from the sale is used for field trips to Science Central, Fort Wayne Zoo and Quinlan Farms.  They also bought a dishwasher and stack able washer and dryer.  

Dr. Jennifer Lucht presented her resignation as Principal of the High School.  She will continue as Superintend.  She felt it was time to devote her full attention to the Superintendent’s job.  The Board thanked her for handling both jobs.  Her resignation will take effect on January 1st.

A budget of $4,270,493 was approved for the next year.  This is down 7% from last year.  Dr. Lucht did inform the Board that the state would not be subsidizing the Northern Indiana Education Service Center starting January 1st.   The NIESC purchases food, paper, equipment, etc. in bulk and passes the savings to member schools.  The cost for Argos is $4.65 per student but the school saved $6,000 last year.  With the lack of state funding the cost per student will increase.