10/25/10 Saturday, the Indianapolis Star endorsed Congressman Joe Donnelly in his reelection bid.

“Beneath the noise of a nationalized campaign heavy with attack ads, Donnelly’s record shows moderation and willingness to listen to constituents,” wrote the editorial board in its endorsement. “He deserves to stay on the job.”

“I’m honored to receive the endorsement of the Indianapolis Star,” said Donnelly.  “I pledge to continue my record as an independent voice for the people of north central Indiana.  This means fighting on behalf of Hoosier working families: opposing unfair trade deals, protecting Social Security from those who want to privatize it, and providing tax breaks for small businesses so they can invest in new hires and equipment.  The choices in this election are clear—my opponent’s policies would continue to send jobs overseas, gamble with our seniors’ futures, and impose a 23% national sales tax.  I thank the Star for their assessment of my work, and I will keep working non-stop for the privilege of serving the people of the 2nd Congressional District.”