10/21/10 Plymouth High School has made history by being the first PHS spell bowl team to qualify for a state competition.  They placed second at the John Glenn Regional in class 2 with a score of 71 on Monday night.  They had to wait until Tuesday morning to see if their score was high enough to go to the Purdue Indiana Academic Spell Bowl Senior Division State competition on Saturday, November 13th.  They ended up placing third in the whole state out of 44 schools in their class.  They take the top seven scores from the schools in the class 2 division.

Abby Schumacher and Grace Stokes were perfect spellers at the John Glenn Regional held on Monday night. 

The near perfect spellers spelling 8 out of 9 words correctly at the John Glenn Regional held on Monday night were Ashley Stokes, Nate Mahan, and Pauline Dagaas.

Front row: Ashley Stokes, Kelsey Schnieders, Abby Schumacher, Grace Stokes
Middle row: Angel Figueroa, Tori Godwin, Krissy Wieringa, Zach Mahan, Pauline Dagaas, Dana Hall, Elizabeth Oviedo, Rachael Garcia, Coach Amy Schmeltz
Back row: Principal Jim Condon, Zandra Norris, Dakota Bradley, Nate Mahan