10/20/10  The Grants Committee of the Marshall County Community Foundation awarded the second round of grants for 2010 during a press conference held October 14, 2010 in Plymouth, Indiana. 

General Endowment Fund Grants:

The general endowment of the Marshall County Community Foundation now exceeds $3 million dollars.  This enables the Foundation to award grants in excess of $100,000.00 on an annual basis.  On October 14, 2010, $50,000.00 was awarded to the following eleven organizations in Marshall County: 

Red Cross ofMarshall County Assistance for the shared cost of an AmeriCorpsmember to recruit and train volunteers. $4,000.00  
Antiquarian and Historical Societyof CulverBoys and Girls Club Marshall County Handicapped ramp at the museum, which will enable the facility to meet requirements forhandicap access.Help purchase a 48 passenger bus to transportYouth for programs and activities. $6,000.00$3,000.00  
 Culver Boys and Girls Club  Support daily operations of club’s programs.  $7,200.00  
 Plymouth Arts Commission, Inc.dba/Encore Performing Arts  Purchase a desktop computer and a phone system to connect with the COA system.  $2,600.00  
Heminger House Purchase a defibrillator. $1,200.00  
Lake of the Woods Property OwnersAssociation Develop a sediment removal plan. $2,000.00  
 Marshall County Historical Society  Purchase 17 mannequins specifically designedfor museums and free from high acid materials.  $2,000.00  
Marshall County NeighborhoodCenter To fund the case management program. $10,000.00  
 Marshall-Starke DevelopmentCenter  To go towards the purchase of a new van or repairs of existing vans.  $7,500.00  
United Way of Marshall County Purchase their currently leased copier and amaintenance agreement. $3,500.00  
Marshall County NeighborhoodCenter For the Adopt-A-Family Program to encouragefurther collaboration countywide. $1,000.00  

Grant committee members include Louise Mason, Chair of Bourbon, James Erwin of Plymouth, Kay Finlay of Culver,  Tammy Houin of Plymouth, Scott Jennings of Tippecanoe, Patti Kitch of Bourbon, Carolyn Kline of Culver, Robert Pickell of Plymouth, Sarah Smith of Plymouth, Jim Weirick of Culver and Susan Wagner of Plymouth. Sylvia Bieghler of Plymouth, Dean Byers of Plymouth and Susie Reinholt of Plymouth serve as advisors to the committee.  Grants are awarded to support health and human services, youth, arts, civic and scientific endeavors, education, environmental and prevention of cruelty to animals and children as allowed by the IRS regulations.

 General Endowment Fund grant applications are due February 1st and August 1st each year. Ralph C. Vonnegut Fund applications are due February 1st.  Applications and more information may be obtained by calling the Marshall County Community Foundation at 574-935-5159 or visiting their website at www.marshallcountycf.org. 

 Pictured:  Front Row: Sara Hill, Billie Treber, Annette Wojcik, Agnes Bramfeld and Jennifer Maddox.  Middle Row:  Louise Mason, Debi Gidley, Sarah Hendrix, John Pinter and Linda Rippy.  Top Row:  Cory Monnier, Lowell Michaels, Will Smaka, Randy Schmucker, Fred Karst and Mike Lintner.