This weekend State Representative Nancy Dembowski (D – Knox) conducted a district-wide campaign effort knocking on doors and talking with voters about the issues important to Hoosiers.  Dembowski was joined by local teachers and educators that have endorsed her campaign because of her continued support of local schools.

“I am proud of my record of always fighting to ensure our local schools have the tools and funding they need to provide a quality education for our children,” Dembowski said.  “Our greatest investment is in our children and their future.  They are the leaders of tomorrow.”

Dembowski opposed the Governor’s $300 million funding cut to Indiana schools and believes these cuts will have a lasting impact on local communities and force some school corporations to consolidate.

“Next session, we must commit ourselves to providing schools with adequate funding,” Dembowski stated.  “Education funding should come first before any other pet projects or special programs.  It is our first responsibility and should be the first spending bill passed.”

Local teachers have endorsed Dembowski and her plan to keep class sizes low, ensure school funding comes first when writing the next state budget, and investing in early education programs for students.

“We believe in Nancy and her dedication to improving the lives of those in our community,” stated Plymouth High School teacher, Laura Kruyer.  “She understands, in a positive environment, students and teachers can accomplish great things together.  Nancy has the support of teachers, cafeteria workers, secretaries, nurses, and the custodial staff in our schools across the district.”

Dembowski joined teachers and supporters in a rally for education before going to knock on doors.

Her weekend schedule was:

  • North Judson High School parking lot 8:30-to 9:30 Central
  • Culver High School parking lot 11:30 to 12:30 Eastern
  • Argos High School parking lot 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 Eastern
  • Plymouth High School parking lot 2:30 to 5:00 pm Eastern